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CEBAS - finalRender R2 for Maya - NEW RELEASE

Cebas are proud to announce the imminent release of finalRender R2 for Maya. This latest release for Autodesk Maya clearly shows our commitment to our professional user base. We did not only add innovative new features and methods to the program itself, we also take full advantage of modern multi-core systems and programming technology, available today and in the future.

FinalRender's licensing model has been adjusted to reflect the latest multi-core technologies and software advances. One finalRender license is now good for a maximum of 32 Cores (16 local and 16 remote). We always considered "real" cores, and we will keep on doing so! As an example, the new Hexa-Core Intel CPUs display 6 Cores + 6 HT Cores (12) - finalRender will only use 12 cores for its licensing even when a dual Hexa-Core adds up in windows as 24 Cores.

No other 3rd party renderer comes even close to the level of integration into Maya, as we have done it with finalRender. We leave no doubt, finalRender R2 for Maya is a tool for the professional user. Shader writing, advanced Shading Networks support, NURBS integration, Subdivision Surfaces and best of its class instance rendering are only a few of the key features that make finalRender a perfect choice for modern movie production pipelines and high volume television sequence output.

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