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Tractor-1.7.2 is now available

Tractor-1.7.2  is now available on the Pixar download site

Tractor 1.7.2 provides several bug fixes over the 1.7.1 release. You can view the full set of Tractor 1.7.2 release notes in our tractor support forum.

All current Tractor customers have been granted download access to this release.  In addition there have been no changes to licensing so your existing Tractor licenses are still valid.
1.7.2 Changes

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Receive 25% off a new seat of MARI 2.5 for any platform

Mari for mac Promo V2

The latest release of MARI brings its signature painting software to the Mac.
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Announcements from the foundry

•    Mari 2.5 is now available
•    Mari for Mac is now available
•    Receive 25% off a new seat of MARI 2.5 for any platform

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