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Whats new in RenderMan Studio 18

What's New in RenderMan Pro Server 18

RenderMan Pro Server 18 is not just significantly faster, it's also more photorealistic than ever. RPS 18 can process more geometry, more efficiently, with more realistic lights and shaders to deliver outstanding results, and better yet, these latest improvements also simplify the world for 3D artists with streamlined workflows and awesome new tools for interactive lighting ...

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Pixar Releases RenderMan Studio 18

Pixar Releases RenderMan Studio 18

EMERYVILLE, CA – (November 18th, 2013) Pixar Animation Studios today announced the release of RenderMan Studio 18, incorporating all of the performance and feature advantages of RenderMan Pro Server 18 within an intuitive suite of tools designed for the creation of the highest quality 3D animation and visual effects. Major features in RenderMan Studio 18 include new controls for lighting, geometric area lights, and accelerated re-rendering, powered by RenderMan's state-of-the-art path tracer. The standard shading library has also been expanded with features such as advanced subsurface scattering and support for per-light AOVs. In addition, the image tool, "it," has been totally rewritten from the ground up, providing improved performance and usability for shading and lighting. Through these new and productive workflows, the outstanding power of Pixar’s RenderMan is accessible to visual effects creators everywhere.

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Buy V-Ray for 3ds Max and receive a free upgrade


Users who purchased a new V-Ray 2.0 for 3ds Max commercial license between August 4, 2013 and the date of the V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max official release will be eligible for a free upgrade.

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Unity 4.3 is now available

Unity 4.3

Read Here for the full list of new features and updates.

Check out the highlights of this feature-packed release:

  • A completely new 2D toolset
  • Animation: blendshapes and animation events for animator-driven characters
  • MonoDevelop 4.0.1
  • Navmesh: dynamic off-mesh links and obstacle carving
  • A major Windows Store apps upgrade
  • Plastic SCM integration

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