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RenderMan 19 Released!


Pixar is pleased to announce that the latest RenderMan is now available for commercial use.  Introducing the new RIS rendering architecture with progressive rendering, RenderMan now supports multiple methods of light transport including a uni-directional path tracer supplied with source code, a new bi-directional path-tracer with photons (VCM), enhancements to the existing REYES renderer, and many other improvements.
From this release onwards, RenderMan is also combining most of the functionality from the previous RenderMan Pro Server and RenderMan Studio into one integrated RenderMan product.
All commercial customers on current maintenance are entitled to a free upgrade to this release. Please contact our sales department at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to request your updated license. After upgrading you will receive a new serial number tied to your existing license server and download access will be given.
If your RenderMan licenses are not on current maintenance, upgrade pricing is available upon request. Please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for assistance with your upgrade.
Please note that the previously announced Non-Commercial RenderMan will be released in early 2015 with additional supporting materials.

NUKE, NUKEX & NUKE 9,out now



In 2014, the NUKE product range gets a complete overhaul with the addition of brand new application NUKE STUDIO, offering powerful VFX, Editorial and Finishing in a single studio application, plus core upgrades to the advanced compositing workflows of NUKE and NUKEX.

Whether you're working on your own or as part of a team, regardless of your role, you'll find a NUKE product within the range to keep you happy!

NUKE 9 live event recording

Relive the NUKE 9 excitement and watch the recording of our live event.


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information


No other Unity release has featured so many bug fixes: by downing more than 450 of the little critters, we’ve set a new record! Plus, thanks to our all new Module Manager, with Unity 4.5 we’ll be able to serve you platform-specific hotfixes across mobile platforms.

The latest release in the 4.x cycle, also brings you across the board 2D physics improvements, a major update to the shader compiler, improved MonoBehaviour serialization and added iOS support for OpenGL ES 3.0.

OPENGL ES 3.0 for everyone

Unity 4.5 adds OpenGL ES 3.0 support for the latest iOS devices. What’s more, we’ve brought a bunch of improvements to ES 3.0 support generally, including much better graphics level selection in player settings, support for 3D textures and a number of stability and performance fixes.

Smooth and Natural 2D physics

There are lots and lots of 2D physics advances to benefit from in 4.5. We’ve dug around and changed some things in Box2D as well as adding functions that bring 2D physics better into line with the functions and conventions of our 3D physics system.

Faster scene loading

We’ve introduced a significant performance improvement by reworking MonoBehaviour serialization. From now on, your prefabs will instantiate way faster. As well as serialising classes, you can now also serialise structs, making it easier to be friendly to the garbage collector.

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Chaos Group’s V-Ray comes to The Foundry’s MODO, NUKE and KATANA

Development collaboration brings popular VFX, broadcast and design renderer to industry-standard apps

In response to artist and designer demands, Chaos Group and The Foundry have announced that V-Ray will be available for a number of The Foundry's creative software solutions.

The two companies have been working together on the development of  V-Ray for three of The Foundry products: V-Ray for MODO, V-Ray for KATANA, and V-Ray for NUKE. These products will be unveiled for the first time at SIGGRAPH and can be seen in action at Chaos Group’s booth (#501).

Starting today, V-Ray for MODO and NUKE are available as a public beta, and the commercial version of V-Ray for KATANA is ready for purchase.

“Chaos Group and The Foundry’s products have been cornerstones of Atomic Fiction's workflow since day one,” said Kevin Baillie, co-founder and VFX supervisor at Atomic Fiction. “Both companies share an obvious passion for making amazing, production-focused tools, and are constantly looking towards the future. We’re excited that their futures are converging to unify our rendering pipeline across our favorite applications!”

Built on V-Ray’s latest 3.0 core rendering technology, the integration with The Foundry's tools streamlines the workflow for studios with pipelines built around V-Ray, NUKE, MODO, and KATANA.

The Products:

  • V-Ray | MODO – Provides flexibility and production-proven rendering capabilities for MODO artists creating 3D content. Now in public beta.
  • V-Ray | NUKE - Unifies the pipeline between NUKE artists and 3D artists for unprecedented workflow improvements at all stages of production, while providing access to V-Ray's advanced ray tracing capabilities. Now inpublic beta.
  • V-Ray | KATANA – First used on “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” by Industrial Light & Magic, the industry-leading lighting and look development package is now coupled with industry-standard rendering technology. Available upon request.

Bill Collis, CEO of The Foundry comments: “We have been working together with Chaos Group for a number of years and it’s great that we are now able to offer this integration between our products. V-Ray has a great user-base in our own key markets, VFX and design and we are excited to help our clients to access these technologies in a more streamlined and efficient workflow.”

Users looking to hear more about the V-Ray  for The Foundry’s tools will get their chance at SIGGRAPH 2014, as both companies will be discussing this exciting new development as part of a series of joint events.

“Chaos Group and The Foundry products are staples of the VFX and broadcast industries, which makes every measure of efficiency or improvement a step forward for artists in the trenches,” said Peter Mitev, CEO of Chaos Group. “With this alliance, we will continue to give artists whatever they need to be successful at every stage of their pipeline.”

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