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Whitepaper: Visual Literacy

This Adobe whitepaper discusses visual literacy as an important aspect of communication. Visual Literacy is defined as the "ability to construct meaning from visual images".

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Whitepaper: Strategies for Digital Communication Skills Across Disciplines

This paper builds on the discussion about digital communication skills development in postsecondary educational institutions, specifically the importance of cross discipline communication.

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Whitepaper: A Study on the Direction of Education

This Adobe produced white paper explores the importance of multimedia literacy in the digital multimedia environment of the 21st century.

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V-Ray 1.5 for Rhino Beta extended

24 February, 2012

In an effort to create the best possible release of V-Ray 1.5 for Rhino, Chaos Group has extended their Beta program. V-Ray for Rhino users will benefit from many new features and improvements, including real-time rendering using V-Ray RT, optimised image-based lighting with the new Dome Light, and efficient memory management using Proxy objects.

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Tips: Multi person motion capture

This is a trick to sync the position of multiple characters in a single motion capture session when using Xsens MVN motion capture systems.

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New release: V-Ray for Softimage

Sofia, Bulgaria - February 20, 2012

V-Ray for Softimage now available

V-Ray for softimage looks to unite the rendering workflow for VFX and animation studios.

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Major firmware update: Ki Pro V3.0 now available

February 16, 2012

We are very happy to announce that the Ki Pro V3.0 firmware is now available for download. This is a very important release for both the Ki Pro and the Ki Pro Mini with many new features and improved performance. 

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Unity 3.5 New Release

15 February 2012

Unity 3.5 is one of Unity's biggest releases to-date. It's packed full of new features and improvements that we think you are going to love.

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Storm FX launches systems integration push with XDT’s Catapult

Sydney, Australia - 14 February 2012

Systems integration has been placed as a high priority by Storm FX Distributions, who has just been appointed as an authorised systems integrator for XDT’s catapult products.

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Pixar Launches RenderMan On Demand™

Emeryville, California, USA – 19th January, 2012

New cloud rendering service available in collaboration with GreenButton®

Pixar Animation Studios today launched a new cloud rendering service called "RenderMan® On Demand™".

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