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Now Available: Autodesk Extension 2, Service Pack 3 for Creative Finishing 2013

Now Available: Autodesk Extension 2, Service Pack 3 for Creative Finishing 2013

Service Pack 3 for 2013 Creative Finishing software delivers significant stability and performance optimizations, and is now available to customers with a valid license for Extension 2 software. Entitled customers will receive an email directing them to download the latest service pack of their software

Service Pack 3 (SP3) is for Creative Finishing Linux®-based customers with a license for 2013 Extension 2 software. SP3 is anticipated to deliver:

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MVN Unity plug-in

MVN Studio has a real-time character plug-in for the Unity 3D game engine (version 4.x).

The Xsens MVN Unity plug-in gives Unity developers access to MVN motion capture data allowing artists and developers to easily view live motions in real-time on character. The plug-in supports scaled skeleton data for multiple characters using the intuitive Unity interface.

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Receive $300 off the Fusion- ioFX 420GB

Receive a $300 discount off the purchase of an ioFX 420GB

  •     No minimum orders
  •     Good Through June 30th, while supply lasts

For more information contact Storm FX 1300 061 007

work in 4k uncompressed, raw footage in realtime to save time and effort. The ioFX delivers:

  • Up to 250% faster uncompressed compositing workflows than SSDs
  • Up to 300% faster uncompressed playback applications than SSDs
  • Accelerates Nuke7, Mari, Hiero, Adobe CS6, Scratch, Flame, Smoke, Composite, Tweak RV, Krakatoa, Stereoid and dozens more!

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Fusion's ioFX flash memory was awarded the prestigious CGW Silver Edge Award (“best in show”) at NAB 2013.