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Unity 3.4 Now Available!

Unity 3.4

Allegorithmic Substance Integration

  • Assign and adjust procedural textures right in the editor or at runtime
  • Stream huge levels with textures only taking up a few Kb
  • Bake to normal textures and materials for mobile devices

Editor Improvements for more efficient game development

  • User-assignable Scene View icons
  • Modifiable primitive colliders
  • Per-component gizmo collapsing


Allegorithmic Substance Integration:

  • Native support for Allegorithmic procedural Substance materials.
  • Tweak and change exposed substance parameters right inside of Unity.
  • Change

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Xfrog 5 for Maya: Update for Maya 2012

This new update to Xfrog 5 makes it fully compatible with Autodesk MAYA 2012.

Xfrog adds six new procedural Objects to Maya. By combining these with Maya components and objects you can create a wide variety of organic models and animations using organic procedures (based on some of the building blocks of Nature).

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2,700 XfrogPlants Now Available!

All the high quality 3D plant tree and flower models found in XfrogPlants libraries are now available as individual species! Now that all of our 600 species are offered a la carte, you can pick and choose the plants you need to fill out your 3D scenes. Each species includes between 3 and 9 models of the plant at different ages and sizes, essential for creating varied, natural-looking landscapes.

Over the past 10 years Xfrog has built the 600 species that are now available to for the first time from our store as individual species. Our Botanical experts go out in the field and reference photograph each plant to capture firsthand the plant textures.

They then compare the plant found in nature to extensive printed research work, and build the most realistic 3D plants available.

Species are priced at $29 to $39 each, with 3 to 9 plants in each species.

XfrogPlants are available in all popular formats: Maya, 3ds max, Cinema4D, Lightwave, OBJ, 3DS, and all zips include our XFR (Xfrog 3.5) format. Xfrog 3.5 users can easily edit any of the models for additional variations.

Visit the XfrogPlants section of our store, or pick any library to browse its individual species.

  • Africa
  • Agriculture
  • Autumn
  • Basic
  • Bonsai
  • Blossoming
  • Europe 1
  • Europe 2
  • Europe 3
  • Flowers 1
  • Flowers 2
  • Flowers 3
  • Fruit Trees
  • Groundcover
  • Home Garden
  • Houseplants
  • Japan
  • Landscaping
  • Mediterranean
  • Oceania 1
  • Oceania 2
  • Oceania 3
  • Prehistoric
  • Red Sea
  • Shrubs
  • Tropical
  • USA Conifers
  • USA East
  • USA East
  • USA Southwest

Xfrog was established in 1996 and is a world leader in organic software (Xfrog) and plant modeling (XfrogPlants). For more information, contact Storm FX on 1300 061 007 or contact us

Switch from FCP to Adobe Premier Pro and save!

100% Pro Video Tools. 50% Off.

Switch from Final Cut Pro or Avid and get 50% off Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 or Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium.

Step up to the toolset the pros use, Adobe® Premiere® Pro, part of Adobe Creative Suite® 5.5 Production Premium software. Get seamless integration with Adobe Photoshop® and After Effects®, and edit almost anything thanks to broad native tapeless and DSLR camera support.

Top 10 reasons to switch to Adobe Premiere Pro

Unparalleled Adobe integration

Import native Photoshop and Illustrator files complete with layers and other functionality. Use Adobe Dynamic Link to move easily between After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Encore® without delays for intermediate rendering.

Broad support for tapeless and DSLR footage

Skip time-consuming transcoding and rewrapping processes when working with tapeless and DSLR footage. Get native support for virtually any video, image, or audio format, including RED, DPX, P2, AVCHD, and XDCAM.

Blu-ray Disc authoring with motion and multipage menus

Deliver DVDs, high-definition Blu-ray Discs, and interactive web DVDs with Adobe Encore® software, included with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Cross-platform, open workflows for easier collaboration

Collaborate more efficiently by easily importing and exporting projects regardless of format. Perform roundtrip editing with files from Avid Media Composer, Avid Pro Tools, or Apple Final Cut Pro software.

Streamlined encoding with the revamped Adobe Media Encoder

Reach audiences worldwide on virtually any device. Batch encode in the background to a broad selection of formats, including web and video standards, using the streamlined Adobe Media Encoder.

Industry-leading performance and stability from the Adobe Mercury Playback Engine

The Mercury Playback Engine in Adobe Premiere Pro is native 64 bit, optimized for multicore, and GPU-accelerated to provide real-time effects, color correction/color grading, accelerated rendering, and superior multilayer performance.

Superior color fidelity

Get greater color precision, variety, and control with 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit floating point color. Adobe Premiere Pro provides higher color fidelity in program and source monitors than Final Cut Pro (which is suitable for rough color grading only) and offers better YUV to RGB conversion.

Powerful metadata features for greater editing and production efficiency

Add intelligence to your assets using innovative new metadata features that make editing easier. Easily turn spoken dialogue into a timecode-accurate transcript, and then use keywords to quickly jump to or edit specific video segments.

Real-time 3D editing

Edit 3D content in real time thanks to 64-bit performance. World-class integration with CineForm provides a smoother workflow than Final Cut Pro.

Smooth production work with direct-to-disk recording and on-set monitoring

Use Adobe OnLocation to record directly to disk from Firewire cameras. Optimize quality with software-based waveform and vectorscope tools for camera calibration, level checking, and signal monitoring.

For more information about this fantastic offer or to purchase, please contact Storm FX on 1300 061 007 or contact us

Edinburgh International Film Festival

16 - 27 June 2010, Edinburgh, Scotland

A mix of red carpet glamour, innovative and exciting cinematic discoveries and massive audience appeal makes this one of the world’s most popular film festivals. The Edinburgh International Film Festival is dedicated to celebrating new talent, new film trends and new ideas in cinema.

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Emergency Kit 2011 Autodesk Student Design Comp

Autodesk is proud to sponsor the 2011 Australia & New Zealand Student Architecture Congress: FLUX, to be held in Adelaide from 6-9 July. In responding to this year’s Congress theme Architecture in Crisis Autodesk in collaboration with the FLUX Creative Directors, the Emerging Architects Australia and the Australian Institute of Architects has launched a hypothetical design competition titled Emergency Kit.

Creative Brief

Devastating flooding swept through many areas of Queensland Australia during late December 2010 and early January 2011, with three quarters of the state declared a disaster zone.

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Important - Autodesk Suite Migration Offer to End July 29


Special Offer to migrate to an Autodesk Suite at no additional charge ends on July 29, 2011* - not October 14, 2011 as originally communicated by Autodesk. Autodesk apologizes for this change and any disruption it may cause.

To migrate to an Autodesk suite or for more information, please contact Storm FX on 1300 061 007 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Order Acrobat Savings Bundle Now and Save Big

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Order the Acrobat Savings Bundle now and save big!

The Acrobat Savings Bundle has everything your teams need to prepare, protect, and deliver high-impact PDF communications with Acrobat X. Enable power users to easily enhance business communications with images, audio, and video with Acrobat X Suite.

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RenderMan Pro Server 16.1 Released

Pixar is pleased to announce the availability of RenderMan Pro Server 16.1. All existing customers are entitled to a free upgrade.

The 16.1 release includes several new features, including support for co-shader instance editing in the REYES re-renderer, improved performance, and important bug fixes.

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Xsens MVN Software Updates Announced

MVN Studio

We are pleased to announce that an update for MVN Studio 3.1 will be available as of next week. The 3.1.5 release contains an important performance update next to some minor bug fixes.

Some of our clients have seen an effect we started calling 'soft stepping' it looks like the actor is walking on 'crunchy snow'. This effect has been removed by changing our contact detection model in our fusion engine.

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