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Frequently Asked Questions Autodesk Education

Q: The Autodesk Education community (AEC) will give students and educators access to FREE Autodesk software for use on their own computers?

A: Yes

Q: The Academic Resource Centre (ARC) is the site to use to get software for use in Educational computer labs. This is what we previously paid for?

A: yes

Q: Software seats via the ARC are available starting at 125 seats?

A: yes

Q: Software is only electronically distributed?

A: yes

Q: Software downloaded via ARC is valid for 3 years and then another download is required?

A: yes

Q: This can be used by virtual desktop but it is not supported by Autodesk?

A: yes

Q: Do our current licenses have a maintenance portion?

A: Yes – this is the Maintenance Subscription

Q: Our annual Maintenance Subscription has not expired yet – what are our current entitlements?

A: Storm FX will continue to provide Maintenance Subscription Support, covering all the existing benefits

Q: After our annual Maintenance Subscription expires,  can I still contact Storm FX for help?

A: Yes, providing you have a Storm FX Annual Maintenance Subscription Support Agreement




Tractor-1.7.1 is now available

Tractor-1.7.1 is now available on the Pixar download site.

All current Tractor customers have been granted download access to this release.  In addition there have been no changes to licensing so your existing Tractor licenses are still valid.

Tractor 1.7.1 provides several bug fixes over the 1.7  release included in the following changes

  • Fix the tractor-engine system for launching the python "" subprocess (which optionally archives command output logs from blades). An error in the 1.7 engine's subprocess exec system was only accepting executables provided with a full path rather than start-up specifications that relied on PATH in the environment. Thus, "/usr/bin/python somescript" was accepted, but "python somescript" was not.
  • The URL query "/Tractor/monitor?q=blades" can now be extended with the parameter "&enumcmds=1" to provide more details about recently assigned commands on each blade. The extended query takes longer for the engine to format and transmit due to the larger data payload for each blade synopsis, which can be significant if command paths and parameters are very long.
  • Fixed a problem handling auto-selected linked tasks, in the task list view.
  • Fixed Dashboard handling of stored filters whose names contain the the "." character.
  • Fix Dashboard edits to a job's "afterTime" attribute, when trying to remove a previously defined delay.
  • Fixed the JSON formatting of http code 400 reply bodies in some cases.
  • Improve Dashboard blade-list freshness when all blades are in use and therefore temporarily not frequently posting their updated status to the engine as part of new work requests.

The world's only video guide on how Editshare integrates with Adobe CS6

StormFX have created two videos demonstrating the Editshare functionality in an editing environment.

This detailed overview is the only publicly available video guide that covers all aspects from user setup to user interaction with Editshare and is highly beneficial for all Mac and Adobe users.

The video will show you a hands-on overview of:

- How to setup a new storage space and users within seconds
- How to manage users and their access to particular Editshare "media spaces"
- How to archive assets using Editshare Flow and Ark

If you are an Adobe Premiere CS6 user, you will be interested to see:
- How to share projects and work collaboratively using Editshare
- How to mount and work with Editshare "media spaces" from a user perspective

Find out more about Editshare

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Watch the Xsens motion capture suit in action.

Watch the Xsens motion capture suit in action as the Storm FX Team take you through the setup and basic functionalities in this 6 minute Video.

Motion Capture is a way to record human movement where the data can be used to animate digital characters to reflect realistic human movement.

Commonly used in;
•    Films
•    Games
•    Broadcasted animated stories
•    Advertisements
•    Serious gaming
•    Virtual environments
•    Medical and sports applications

Watch this video to see how easy it is to setup and use motion capturing in your own office.


Storm FX provides XSENS rental and related services.

Contact us for further information

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

1300 061 007

Click here to read more about Xsens Motion capture.

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Autodesk M&E Meet the Experts: Animation Tips & Tricks with Autodesk Maya

Join David Zwierzchaczewski, ANZ Media & Entertainment Technical Specialist, for a live webinar and discover the new features in Autodesk Maya 2013 and some great workflow features to help you streamline your animations.

In 60-minutes, he will walk you through some tips and tricks surrounding animation retargeting, layers preferences and other Maya User Interface features you may not have stumbled across. No matter how long you've used Maya, you'll pick up a new trick or two from this webcast. You'll also get a close look at some of the latest workflows in this release and how they can help streamline your animation.

Register Here

Get Help Learning the New Smoke

Autodesk has revitilized their Smoke Learning Channel on Youtube. With over 30 videos grouped in easy to use playlists the Autodesk Smoke Learning Channel is better than ever. Check it out after the jump.

Click here for the full channel.

Just launched: Autodesk Simulation Workshop

May 3, 2012

The Autodesk Simulation Workshop is a new online resource that contains a series of modules designed to help train the next generation of engineers, based on feedback from a focus group held with influential faculty from North America and EMEA.  Developed for faculty, by faculty, the modules focus on the theories and methodologies of mechanical engineering, connecting traditional problem solving to modern CAE methods illustrated with Autodesk software.

Topics covered include:
  • Working with Imported Geometry
  • Linear and Nonlinear Material Analysis
  • Dynamic Simulation
  • Fluid Flow
  • Thermal Analysis

Check out the Autodesk Simulation Workshop at:

Post-Production Picks of NAB 2012

May 1, 2012

Best in show in post-production

If you’re suffering from a post NAB show hangover after being bombarded with all the "big" announcements that came through, especially on new projectors, players and cameras that capture 4K, rest assured we hear you loud and clear.

With over 1,600 exhibitors and 92,000 plus attendees, even if you stayed at home, it was hard not to be overwhelmed by the plethora of emails, blogs, and tweets that covered the event.

With this in mind, we asked our man on the ground, Helmut Lottenburger, to put together a review that cut through the hype and gave

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New online licensing assistance from Autodesk

1 March, 2012

Need help with Autodesk licensing? Storm FX is happy to help. Alternatively you can try Autodesk's new online assistance service.

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Tips: Multi person motion capture

This is a trick to sync the position of multiple characters in a single motion capture session when using Xsens MVN motion capture systems.

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