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Enscape 1.5.1 now available!


The Enscape team have launched version 1.5.1 with some impressive new features!

  • Revit 2017 support: Enscape now supports Revit 2015, 2016 and 2017.
  • Settings presets: Save your own settings presets in Enscape and send them as a file to friend and colleagues
  • Better Oculus Support: Enscape now supports the Oculus SDK 1.3
  • Tip of the day: Receive useful tips during the Enscape loading screen when you start Enscape.
  • The Enscape installer is now digitally signed
  • Plastic materials are now rendered more accurately

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Introducing V-Ray for Revit Public Beta

BIG NEWS for BIM Managers and Revit users.
Chaos Group have launched V-Ray for Revit public beta!

Now integrated into Autodesk Revit, V-Ray’s core rendering technology has been tailored to meet the needs of architects at all stages of the design process.

V-Ray for Revit has been designed to fit seamlessly into production, providing powerful rendering with streamlined controls. New users will be able to take advantage of V-Ray's proven capabilities with its familiar interface and easy-to-use presets. While its advanced post-processing and a stereoscopic VR camera will set you up for creative success down the line.

V-Ray for Revit supports interchange of all V-Ray design tools (to SketchUp, Rhino and 3ds Max), which will make your projects more efficient and designs more reliable as they move between platforms. Revit cameras, lighting and materials are all supported as well, ensuring a simple adoption process.

V-Ray for Revit public beta is available as a free download. After creating an account on, users can follow the link at the V-Ray for Revit product page to register.

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