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Transforming Enterprise Productivity with Hybrid IT

A look into the mixed environment of mobile, cloud and data center

Hybrid IT is here. The flexible environment allows enterprises employees to use mobile devices to connect to cloud apps and on premise data centers in a seamless manner that boosts productivity and efficiency. Pulse Secure, in collaboration with cloud and security expert Jim Romeo, teamed up to co-author this piece which explores what is needed to effectively implement hybrid IT within the enterprise setting, along with specific case examples that examine the challenges and benefits of deployment.

The paper provides specifics on:

  • Managing security risks in a hybrid IT environment
  • Effectively leveraging the cloud and the data center
  • Mobility and the notion of securing data, not devices
  • Looking at the Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) model
  • Case examples ensuring seamless enterprise management and productivity in a hybrid IT environment

Hybrid IT is a game changer and its benefits far outweigh the risks– however, if the right steps aren’t taken, you could find yourself on the outside looking in.

Download the white paper on Hybrid IT now. 

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