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Spectra DAStape

DAStape is well-suited to workgroup, web, e-commerce, pre-press and desktop publishing, video and GIS environments. With Spectra Logic’s DAStape, small organisations, businesses, and more... 

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Spectra iSCSItape

With Spectra Logic’s iSCSItape, small organisations, businesses, and workgroups have data protection options that are easy-to-use and easily connected. 

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Spectra nTier500

Whether you need to protect the valuable information on your Windows servers or just need a resource to stage data for quick disk-based recovery, the nTier500 can adapt and go to work right away. 

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Spectra nTier700 series

The Spectra nTier700 Series Backup and Archive Appliance is designed specifically for backup and archival data: all data that is no longer in active use and is ready to be moved off primary disk. 

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Spectra T-Finity

Spectra T-Finity is an intelligent enterprise library that provides a modern design with a highly flexible hardware architecture and an evolutionary management interface. 

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Spectra T-Series Mid-Range

T200 / T380 / T680 Designed for incremental growth, Spectra T-Series Mid-Range libraries accommodate the storage requirements of organizations in every stage of their growth lifecycle. 

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Spectra T120

The Spectra T120 library is easy to use, manage, and maintain. Installation and configuration is quick and simple, and component redundancy ensures the highest of reliability. 

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Spectra T50e

The T50e offers you advanced LTO tape technology, powerful library management functionality, increased security through Spectra Logic’s integrated BlueScale® Encryption, plus a range of support options to complement your requirements. 

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Spectra T950

The T950 library reduces staff involvement significantly, affordably scales in throughput and capacity, and supports multiple generations of current and future tape formats. 

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