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Software arrow Plug-Ins arrow ToonBoom Storyboard Pro

Software arrow Plug-Ins arrow ToonBoom Storyboard Pro
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ToonBoom Storyboard Pro

ToonBoom Storyboard Pro
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Storyboard Pro is the industry standard for storyboarding. With its production-proven toolset, Storyboard Pro is used for episodic, advertising, film and games cinematics. You can bring in scripts and other assets, draw storyboards, create animatics, and turn reviews around fast in a streamlined workflow where you interactively revise timing, camera angles and visuals.

The Power of Digital Storyboarding

With Emmy®-award winning technology, Storyboard Pro streamlines story development like no other program out there, from concept to storyboard to animatic - to the rest of your pipeline. Storyboard Pro fits into any project’s creative process and production constraints whether you are producing animation, CG, live action or games cinematics.

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Ideal For

  • Production studios
  • Professional Storyboard artists
  • Directors and Producers
  • Communication agencies
  • Game designers

Top Features

Sketch and Draw

  • Pencils and textured brushes allow you to create any style for your storyboards.
  • Draw using bitmap or vector tools to get the look you want for your characters, props and environments.


  • Add dynamic movement to story elements and scenes with easy-to-use tools.
  • Use onion skinning, add scene transitions, and sync animation with sound to strengthen the story.
  • Play back your animation in real time, make adjustments on the fly and export

Built-in Camera

  • Block out scenes and create simple to complex camera moves using the built-in 3D camera with a thru-the-lens view and camerasafe areas.
  • Add camera moves across panels and scenes that pan, zoom and even roll in 2D or 3D space.

Add Sound

  • Import audio and sync with your storyboard.
  • Work with multiple sound tracks, mix levels, and edit sound sequences to add more depth to the story.

Timing Control

  • Visually organize your story with precise timing.
  • Order panels, shots and scenes, and adjust the pace—swap shots, perform ripple and rolling edits and change the duration of panels as the story takes form.

3D Ready

  • Create scenes with depth, block out camera shots and integrate 3D models.
  • The 3D toolset makes it easy to integrate imported 3D models with drawings, animate and add movement with the 3D camera.

Pipeline Integration

  • Import Final Draft scripts, images, vector graphics and sound.
  • Export layered panels to Photoshop, images and animatics or send to editorial via AAF, EDL and XML.
  • Send projects to Harmony, save to FBX, Alembic, Collada and other 3D formats, or export storyboards to PDF 

Please visit Toon Boom for more product information.

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